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International HR Management and International Organizational Behavior

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International Human Resource Management: Managing People in a Multinational Context, 4th Edition Peter J. Dowling - University of Canberra, Australia Denice E. Welch - Mt Eliza Business School and University of Queensland, Australia ISBN-10: 0324318669  ISBN-13: 9780324318661 352 Pages   Paperbound © 2005     Published Student Companion Site   |  Instructor Companion Site

Table of Contents
PART I. THE MULTINATIONAL CONTEXT 1. Introduction: The Enduring Context of IHRM 2. The Organizational Context 3. IHRM: Sustaining International Business Operations PART II. MANAGING AND SUPPORTING INTERNATIONAL ASSIGNMENTS 4. Recruiting and Selecting Staff for International Assignments 5. Training and Development 6. Compensation 7. Re-entry and Career Issues PART III. GLOBAL HR ISSUES 8. HRM in the Host Country Context 9. Industrial Relations 10. Performance Management 11. IHRM Trends and Future Challenges PART IV. CASES AND EXERCISES






International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, 5th Edition Nancy J. Adler - McGill University Allison Gundersen - Case Western Reserve University ISBN-10: 0324360746  ISBN-13: 9780324360745 416 Pages   Paperbound © 2008     Published

Table of Contents
Part One: THE IMPACT OF CULTURE ON ORGANIZATIONS. 1. Culture and Management. 2. How Cultural Differences Affect Organizations. 3. Communicating Across Cultures. Part Two: LEVERAGING CULTURAL DIVERSITY. 4. Creating Cultural Synergy. 5. Managing Multicultural Teams. 6. Leading Globally. 7. Motivating People from Around the World: Inspiring People to Contribute. 8. Multinational Decision Making. 9. Negotiating Globally. Part Three: MANAGING GLOBAL MANAGERS. 10. Managing Cross-Cultural Transitions: Moving Abroad and Coming Home. 11. A Portable Life: The Expatriate Spouse. 12. Global Careers: Succeeding in the 21st Century. Epilogue. Index.

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