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Introduction to Business

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Introduction to Business Syllabus (Fall 2007) Microsoft Word™

Author/Text:Boone and Kurtz - Contemporary Business

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Exam 1 Word file - Due Sept. 28 by Midnight - Enjoy Life
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Exam 3 Word file - Due Nov. 30 by Midnight - Enjoy Life

Assignment 1-Develop and email a one page resume to Dr. Luis Ortiz (
Assignment 2-P.58 Choose "one" question to answer from the "Review Questions" section
Assignment 3-Choose "one" question in Chapter to answer from the "Review Questions" section on page 121 (Chapter 4).
Assignment 4-State a business you would start, why do you think it would be sucessful, where would you start it, how would you fund it and how will you lead it (the business) and your employees.

Assignment 5 - No more assingments due

In Class Presentation Due Next Class Meetings

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Course Outline and PowerPoint Presentations

Chapter 1 - The Framework of Contemporary Business

Chapter 2 - Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Chapter 3 - Economic Challenges Facing Global and Domestic Business

Chapter 4 - Competing in Global Markets

Chapter 5 - Option for Organizing Small and Large Businesses

Chapter 6 - Starting Your Own Business: The Entrepreneurship Alternative

Chapter 7 - Electronic Commerce: Doing Business Online

Chapter 8 - Management, Leadership and the Internal Organization

Chapter 9 - Human Resource Management, Motivation and Labor-Management Relations

Chapter 10 - Improving Performance through Empowerment, Teamwork and Communication

Chapter 11 - Production and Operations Management

Chapter 12 - Customer-Driven Marketing

Chapter 13 - Product and Distribution Strategies

Chapter 14 - Promotion and Pricing Strategies

Chapter 15 - Using Technology to Manage Information

Chapter 16- Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements

Chapter 17 - Financial Management and Institutions

Chapter 18 - Financing and Investing through Securities Markets

Contemporary Business, 12th Edition includes Audio CD-ROM Louis E. Boone - University of South Alabama David L. Kurtz - University of Arkansas ISBN-10: 0324359292  ISBN-13: 9780324359299 784 Pages   Casebound © 2007 Published Student Companion Site Instructor Companion Site

Appendix A: Risk Management and Insurance.
Appendix B: A Guide to Your Personal Finances and the Stock Market Game.
Appendix C: The Business Plan.