New Mexico Highlands University

Organizational Theory
(Behavior, Leadership and Decision-Making)

Syallabus for Org. Thory.docx™

Textbooks for the class:

Organizational Behavior: (Optional text)
Anglo Kinicki
ISBN: 9780078137204

Classics of Organizational Behavior (Optional text)
by Walter E. Natemeyer; Paul Hersey
ISBN: 978-157766-703-2

Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership, 2/E
Jon P. Howell, New Mexico State University
Dan L. Costley, New Mexico State University,
ISBN-13: 9780131484528 (optional book)

Snapshots of Great Leadership
AUTHOR:Jon P. Howell
ISBN-13: 9780415872171 (required text)

Leadership Classics
by J. Timothy McMahon
978-1-57766-638-7 / 1577666380 (Optional text)

EBM Article

MGMT 664. Organizational Theory (3)
This course provides an analysis of formal organizations and informal
relationships among individuals and small groups. This course
stresses the study of business organizations as a system of authority
and status, control and communication, decision-making centers
and leadership positions. Current research and case studies are used
for analysis.

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NOTE: Assignments and Exams subject to your attendance, motivation and discussion in class!

Organizational Behavior Classics
Articles front page. pdf

Exams/Assignments - helpful hints - Speech/Teach/Technology Guidelines.pdf

What I think I am thinking!
1. Presentation OB Classic Article topic
2. Presentation Leadership Classic article
3. OB/Leadership Essay/midtern and Paper (final)
& 4. Snapshot of great Leadership (final)

Assignment 1 - (prepare/formulate it) - Presentation (.ppt, prezi, you tube, websites, etc..) for class... 7-12 slides 7 to 15 minutes... 1) about yourself and something unique about you - be creative); 2) tell us about the author of the article, where are they now, any buildings or schools named in their honor; 3) tell us about the article itself; why does it matter and any important findings; and 4) extra credit... link it to reality with some solid takeaways or advice for us (in business or life - basically apply the knowledge)... Rules are... (Your right!) There are no rules... Be creative... Teach us... Impress us....

Assignment 2 - (prepare/formulate it) - Essay response to the following; What have you learned so far in this course? Anything? What do you know now? How might that help your career or thinking back what might you have done differenly? Any interesting stories your wish to share. What does your new reality with an MBA look like...

Assignment 3 - Final 2 Page Executive Summary and Emailed Presentation - Please do your last work on one (or more) of the leaders in the snapshots of great leaders (Jon Howell book)... Yes, it is up to you how you handle the Assignment 3 how you would like (final write up and presentation) - EXAMPLE 1) what you love about yourself and what will work on about yourself (ex: I love my …, I will surround myself with people who complement my weaknesses) 2) 2-3 pages on the leader, what you found out from your research, what we can learn from them and use in a positive way and what might we might avoid, etc… and 3) the presentation (.ppt, prezi, you tube, websites, etc..) emailed to (5-9 slides 5 to 15 minutes...) extra credit... link to reality and give some solid takeaways or advice for your peers in business or life... 4) Finally as always "The Rules are"... (Your right) There are no rules... Be creative... lead your own work... (Make it fun, interesting, informative and of course something you and I will be proud of...

Final Presentation/Paper Guidelines (web video)...

Due date! Push yourself... The idea is that you will give yourself a deadline and finish the work on your terms. Owning your own behavior is better then having others tell you what to do!

Key Concepts, Skills, & Best Practices with Student CD and Management Skill Booster Card

Organizational Behavior: Key Concepts, Skills & Best Practices, 4th Edition
Angelo Kinicki, Arizona State University---Tempe

Softcover, 512 pages
©2009, ISBN-13 9780073381411

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Course Outline and PowerPoint Presentations

Table of Contents

Part One Managing People Within the External and Organizational Context

Chapter One
Needed: People-Centered Managers and Workplaces

Chapter Two
Organizational Culture, Socialization, and Mentoring

Chapter Three
Developing Global Managers

Part Two Managing Individual Level Factors

Chapter Four
Understanding Social Perception and Managing Diversity

Chapter Five
Appreciating Individual Differences: Intelligence, Ability, Personality, Core Self-Evaluations, Attitudes, and Emotions

Chapter Six
Motivation I: Needs, Job Design, and Satisfaction

Chapter Seven
Motivation II: Equity, Expectancy, and Goal Setting

Chapter Eight
Improving Performance with Feedback, Rewards, and Positive Reinforcement

Part Three Managing Group Level Factors and Social Processes

Chapter Nine
Effective Groups and Teams

Chapter Ten
Making Decisions

Chapter Eleven
Managing Conflict and Negotiating

Chapter Twelve
Communicating in the Digital Age

Chapter Thirteen
Influence, Power, and Politics: An Organizational Survival Kit

Part Four Managing for Organizational Effectiveness

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen
Designing Effective Organizations

Chapter Sixteen
Managing Change and Organizational Learning

Photo Credits
Glossary/Subject Index
Name and Company Index

2) The Executive Summary Paper may incluide but not limited to 1) the topic; 2) how you see the topic in reality and 3) your future use of the topic you discussed...

Topics may include but are not limited to: motivation, values, leadership styles, attitudes, teamwork, communication, organizational culture, job design, stress, power, politics, conflict, citizenship behavior OCB, fairness, job satisfaction and organizational structure. Organizational Citizenship Behavior Topic would be nice, or use any subject from the OB Chapters 1-16 below...

EBM Article and Book List for our benefit...

Syllabus MGMT 453/553 Microsoft Word™

Assignments (in addition to our work in class and discussions):
Choose one question (1 per chapter) for extra credit (Review and Discussion Questions):

Leadership Classics -
leader article front page

Organizatioal Behvior Classics (leadership section)-
OB article front page

Exam/Assignment - Speech/Teach/Technology Guidelines .pdf (portable doc format)

Assignment 1-
next week (perpare/formulate it) - Presentation (.ppt, prezi, you tube, websites, etc..) for class... 5-9 slides 5 to 15 minutes... 1) about yourself; 2) about the author of the article; 3) about the article itself and 4) extra credit... link to to reality some solid takeaways (in business or life)... Rules are.. (your right) There are no rules... Be creative...

Assignment 2
- Leader presentation - next week (perpare/formulate it) - the Leader Presentation (.ppt, prezi, you tube, websites, etc..) for class... 5-9 slides 5 to 15 minutes... 1) The most unique thing about yourself and what you are working toward in the future; 2) about the Leader of the article; 3) addition research about your leader and 4) extra credit... link to to reality some solid takeaways (in business or life) and link it to what we are learning in class...
and yes, your right Rules are.. there are no rules... please be creative...

Assignment 3 - (final wrap up report - 2-3 page executive summary) - write up on a leadership style topic and leader (what you knew and what you know now about the subject of leadership), Write up will include: 1. the style/the leader; 2. how you see the topic in reality and 3 and a real link with a real leader as and with examples in reality/or in life... Final Paper Guidelines You could analyze different leaders or the leader you presented on.

APA Example


CHAPTER 1 Leadership and Its Importance
CHAPTER 2 Leadership Behavior and Processes
CHAPTER 3 Contingency Models of Leadership


CHAPTER 4 Supportive Leadership Behavior
CHAPTER 5 Directive Leadership Behavior
CHAPTER 6 Participative Leadership Behavior
CHAPTER 7 Leader Reward and Punishment Behaviors
CHAPTER 8 Charismatic Leadership Behavior


CHAPTER 9 Boundary-Spanning and Team Leadership
CHAPTER 10 Building Social Exchanges and Fairness
CHAPTER 11 Followership


CHAPTER 12 Leadership Ethics and Diversity
CHAPTER 13 Leadership Development and Organizational Change
CHAPTER 14 Integration and Conclusions

Other additional PowerPoint Presentations

Introductions / Brief overview of field of study / Review of syllabus

Chapter 1: Leadership is Everyone's Business
Chapter 2: Leadership Involves an Interaction between the Leader, the Followers, and the Situation
Chapter 3: Leadership is Developed through Education and Experience
Chapter 4: Assessing Leadership and Measuring its Effects
Chapter 5: Power and Influence
Chapter 6: Leadership and Values
Chapter 7: Leadership Traits
Chapter 8: Leadership Behavior
Chapter 9: Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance
Chapter 10: Groups and Teams
Chapter 11: Characteristics of the Situation
Chapter 12: Contingency Theories of Leadership
Chapter 13: Leadership and Change

Work for our Class

Research paper on any Organizational Topic - For example topic for your paper might be motivation, values, leadership styles, attitudes, teamwork, communication, organizational culture, job design, stress, power, politics, conflict, organizational citizenship behavior, fairness, job satisfaction and organizational structure

.pdf (portable doc format)

Please use APA style for your paper (click below to go to their website):
APA Style