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Employee Training and Development, 5/e


Raymond A. Noe, The Ohio State University

ISBN: 0073530344
Copyright year: 2010

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Midterm Information:

"The rules are, There are no rules" I can however, give you a few guidelines 1). link your presentation to reality, 2). enlighten us, 3). give us something of value and 4). give us examples from the real world of business or things you have personally experienced in the training field (school, work, or life).

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Course Outline and PowerPoint Presentations

PART ONE: The Context for Training and Development

Chapter 1: Introduction to Employee Training and Development

Chapter 2: Strategic Training

PART TWO: Designing Training

Chapter 3: Needs Assessment

Chapter 4: Learning: Theories and Program Design

Chapter 5: Transfer of Training

Chapter 6: Training Evaluation

PART THREE: Training and Development Methods

Chapter 7: Traditional Training Methods

Chapter 8: E-Learning and Use of Technology in Training

Chapter 9: Employee Development

Chapter 10: Special Issues in Training and Employee Development

PART FOUR: Careers and Career Management

Chapter 11: Careers and Career Management

Chapter 12: Special Challenges in Career Management

PART FIVE: The Future

Chapter 13: The Future of Training and Development