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Luis Ortiz, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Management and International Business



New Mexico Highlands University
School of Business Administration

Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701

(505) 454-3584

Ph.D., 2000,
 University of Texas - Pan American
MBA, 1996, New Mexico Highlands University
BBA,  1995, New Mexico Highlands University
Luis Ortiz, Ph.D.
¡Vamos a México! (invitation flyer) (course syllabus) (Agenda for the Trip)
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2007 Classes at NMHU -
Introduction to Business - BUS 181
Small Business Management - MGMT 330
International Human Resources Management - MGMT 440/540
Other classes
International Negotitations - INTB 430/530
Organizational Behavior - MGMT 364 Book's ISBN 0-07-313833-9
Training and Development of Human resources
International Business and Society - INTB 622
Organizational Leardership - MGMT 453/553
International Competitiveness - INTB 440
Strategic Management - MGMT 489 Book's ISBN 0-324-25917-4

Other community work
NMCBA Survining in a competitive Business World (ppt slides) (pdf of book smart)
Community Seminar - Entrepreneurial Spirit Seminar  Slide Show
Business Community Seminar - Customer Service PowerPoint
Project Heartland - Presentation Slides
Why go to college? Making the grade in the real world of business
NMHU International Hispanic Business Forum
(PowerPoint Presentations Below)
Dr. John Sargent, UTPA - Maquiladoras
Mr. Adam Trujillo, Quality and doing business with Mexico
Mr. Juan Solana, Doing Business with Mexico
Dr. Luis Ortiz, NMHU - Northern New Mexico Economic Development

Academic Research - Selective Summary
CV Resume - Dr. Luis Ortiz
Bio - Dr. Luis Ortiz
Annual Performance Research, Teaching, and Service - Microsoft Word™

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