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International Human Resource Management (IHRM)

International Human Resource Management: Managing People in a Multinational Context, 6th Edition

Peter J. Dowling - Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Marion Festing PhD - ESCP-EAP European School of Management, Berlin, Germany Allen D. Engle, Sr. D.B.A - Eastern Kentucky University
ISBN-13: 9781408032091

TITLE: International Human Resource Management
PUBLISHER:Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781408032091

International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, 5th Edition Nancy J. Adler - McGill University Allison Gundersen - Case Western Reserve University ISBN-10: 0324360746 ISBN-13: 9780324360745

TITLE: International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior
PUBLISHER:Cengage Learning

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Syllabus International HR/OB.PDF format

Work for our Class:

HR Topics for Presentation
(Mgmt in culture/country)

Assignment 1- next one, one-half or two weeks (perpare/formulate it) - A Presentation (.ppt, prezi, you tube, websites, etc...) for class... 5-9 slides 7 to 12 minutes... 1) about yourself in General; 2) about a nation we could do business in or many about author(s) in International business; 3) about the nation in the world and how culture and business work in that nation and 4) extra credit... link to to reality with some solid takeaways that apply in business or in life if we went there... The Rules Are... (your right) There are no rules... Be creative...

Assignment 2- Perpare/formulate - A Presentation (.ppt, prezi, you tube, websites, etc..) for class... 5-9 slides 7 to 12 minutes... 1) something unique about yourself or maybe life after the university; 2) about a domestic/international HR topic; 3) about a nation or two in the world and how that HR topic is at work in that environment and 4) extra credit... link to to reality with some solid takeaways that apply in business or in life... The Rules Are.. (your right) There are no rules... Be creative...

Exam/Assignment - Speech/Teaching/Technology Guidelines .pdf (portable doc format)

Final Paper Guidelines or you can do a longer video for your final

International Human Resource Management: Managing People in a Multinational Context, 5th Edition

Chapter 1. Introduction: The Enduring Context of IHRM.
Chapter 2. The Cultural Context of IHRM.
Chapter 3. The Context of Cross-Border Alliances and SMEs.
Chapter 4. Staffing International Operations for Sustained Global Growth.
Chapter 5. Recruiting and Selecting Staff for International Assignments.
Chapter 6. International Training and Development.
Chapter 7. International Compensation.
Chapter 8. Re-entry and Career Issues.
Chapter 9. IHRM in the Host Country Context.
Chapter 10. International Industrial Relations.

Cases an Prelims

Contents of IOB
1. Culture and Management.
2. How Cultural Differences Affect Organizations.
3. Communicating Across Cultures.
4. Creating Cultural Synergy.
5. Managing Multicultural Teams.
6. Leading Globally.
7. Motivating People from Around the World: Inspiring People to Contribute.
8. Multinational Decision Making.
9. Negotiating Globally.

10. Managing Cross-Cultural Transitions: Moving Abroad and Coming Home.
11. A Portable Life: The Expatriate Spouse.
12. Global Careers: Succeeding in the 21st Century.

Please Email final paper to Dr. Luis Ortiz in Word format:

Work for our Class

Research paper on any International HRM Topic - For example topic for your paper might be culture, motivation, values, leadership styles, attitudes, communication, International organizational culture, power, politics, International conflict, organizational citizenship behavior, International fairness, job satisfaction and or Expats.

Please use APA style for your paper (click below to go to their website):
APA Style

Course PowerPoint Slides
Overview of International Business

Chapter 1: Assessing the Environment
Chapter 2: Managing Interdependence
Chapter 3: Understanding the Role of Culture
Chapter 4: Communicating Across Cultures
Chapter 5: Cross-Cultural Negotiation & Dec. Making
Chapter 6: Formulating Strategy
Chapter 7: Global Alliances and Strtegy Implementation
Chapter 8: Organizations Structure and Control System
Chapter 9: Staffing and Training for Global Operations
Chapter 10: Developing a Global Managment Cadre
Chapter 11: Motivating and Leading

HR topics for presentation in an international context
Employment Law
Topics in this subject
Employment Law
Data Protection
Discipline and Grievances
Employment Tribunals
Maternity and Parental Rights
Terms and Conditions of Employment
Learning and Development
Topics in this subject
Learning and Development
Coaching and Mentoring
CPD and Personal Effectiveness
Management Development
Training Design and Delivery
Training Evaluation
Training Needs
Training Strategy
Corporate Strategy
Topics in this subject
Corporate Strategy
Change Management
Corporate Responsibility and Governance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Organization Development
HR Function
Topics in this subject
HR Function
Business Partnering
HR and the Economy
HR Policies
HR Records
HR Trends
Hire and fire processes
Interview Process
Strategic HR
Global HR
Diversity and Equality
Topics in this subject
Diversity and Equality
Age Discrimination
Grievance procedures
Bullying and Harassment
Equal Pay
Personality job fit
Race Discrimination
Desk Audits
Age Discrimination
Religious Discrimination
Sex and Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Performance Management
Topics in this subject
Performance Management
Performance Related Pay
Topics in this subject
Employer Branding
Labor Market
Selection and Assessment
Role of Culture
Motivation Programs
HR Technology (decision support systems)
360 degree Performance evaluation
Reward Management
Topics in this subject
Social Responsibility
Legal Issues
Reward Management
Bonuses and Incentives
Payroll (payroll services)
Employee Benefits
Culture Stock
Taxation (other nations)
Salary Surveys
Attitudinal Surveys
Dual Careers
Job Satisfaction (Surveys)
Talent Management
Topics in this subject
Talent Management
Human Capital
Retention and Turnover
Employee Relations
Topics in this subject
Employee Relations
Communication and Consultation
Employee Engagement
Flexible Working
Psychological Contract
Working Time
Health, Safety and Well-being
Topics in this subject
Health, Safety and Well-being
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Management and Business Skills
Topics in this subject
Management and Business Skills
Building high performance teams
Recruitment, Reward and Retention
Career Success & Mentoring
Training Employees
Leadership during Times of Complexity and Change
Getting the Best Employees
Performance & Performance Appraisal
Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Developing Less Subjective Employee Appraisals
Managing a Diverse Workforce - Impacts and Rewards
Sustaining High-Performing Employees
Change Management & Today's Marketplace: Precepts, Proficiencies, Method & Skills
Ensuring Safe Work Environments
Employee Handbook Design: Policies, Procedures and Practices
Helping Employees Achieve Better Work/Life Balance
Challenges for HR
Sexual Harassment/Harassment in the Workplace: Combat Strategies
Organizational Commitment
Basic Overviews of Human Resource Management
Recruitment & Job Search
Ensuring Compliance to Regulations
Avoiding Employee Relations Pitfalls in Smaller Businesses
Bad boss
Employee Laws, Topics and Issues
Dealing with Drugs in the Workplace
Employee Assistance Programs
Human Relations Movement



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