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Author/Text: Charles Hill 10th edition or 9th ed.
Charles W. L. Hill, University of Washington

ISBN: 9781259847189 (10th ed.) 9780078112911 (9th ed.)
Global Business Today
by Hill, Charles W. L.; Hult, G. Tomas M.

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Presentation, Quizzes and/or Essays (International Business - Powerpoint on INTB Topic)

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Course Outline and PowerPoint Presentations

Part One: Introduction and Overview

Chapter 1: Globalization

Part Two: National Differences

Chapter 2: National Differences in Political, Economic, and Legal Systems

Chapter 3: National Differences in Economic Development

Chapter 4: Differences in Culture

Chapter 5: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability

Part Three: The Global Trade and Investment Environment

Chapter 6: International Trade Theory

Chapter 7: Government Policy and International Trade

Chapter 8: Foreign Direct Investment

Chapter 9: Regional Economic Integration

Part Four: The Global Money System

Chapter 10: The Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter 11: The International Monetary System

Part Five: The Strategy of International Business

Chapter 12: The Strategy of International Business

Chapter 13: Entering Foreign Markets

Part Six: International Business Functions

Chapter 14: Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade

Chapter 15: Global Production and Supply Chain Management

Chapter 16: Global Marketing and Research and Development

Chapter 17: Global Human Resource Management


1) Assignment 1 - Please Do a presentation on "Doing Business in ...." (Country)

Example or guideline for your presentation (Prezi, Youtube, Adobe or PowerPoint)

A) Tell us about yourself and something unique about you (be creative);

B) tell us about the nation you researched (state, business environment, world fact sheet, place on the map, captital city, language, culture, fun facts or what seems to drive them, anything you find intersting);

C) perhaps look at their political economy (economy, politics and legal - subjects from our class/book);

D) what about their culture (music, language, business etiquette, religion, colors, values or belief, currency, etc...);

E) what does it mean to do business there (what are the top companies [Small and midium] in the nation you are studying; any interesting stories, or real interviews of poeple from that nation, etc..);

F) and for an A+ Extra credit - can you give us some solid advice (important things to take away from your research/presentation) basically what can we learn from your work to help us do business in this other nation or at least give us advice to stay out of serious trouble in this part of the world (cultural, legal, political or other). Useful website Resources - maybe? for your assignment.

Finally, remember that rules are??? you got it... "There are no rules" Be creative, teach us some of value and please have fun with this assignment...

2) Assignment 2 - Midterm Essay (Word Document and or Power Point, Prezi, Spark, .ppt .doc adobe etc... on or before Oct. 17)

As we mentioned in class, regional trading blocks are interesting and important to many nations around the world (economically/prosperity and politcally/peace)!


NAFTA or now the new "USMCA" (US, Mexico and Canada Agreement) is developing:

Tell us, what is interesting to you, what is new or different in the agreement from before, do you think it will help or hurt the USA, will it help or hurt some or all three nations, and then as an independent thinking student please compare the USMCA in the views or spin of liberals (left) and or conversative (right)...

Media types out there spinning for money, for an audioance, or to push on agenda (crital thinkers) MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc...

3) Assignment 3 - The Final Presentation (.ppt, prezi, you tube, websites, etc..) emailed to: 5 to 9 slides 5 to 15 max minutes. Prepare and formulate a advanced presentation using either .ppt, abode, prezi, you tube, websites, for class... It should include some of the following but not limited to the information below:

1) More about yourself... 1) Tell us about your strengths and your perceived weaknesses (i.e. what you love about yourself and what will work on about yourself i.e. I love my ability to…, I will surround myself with people who complement my weaknesses...);

2) Find a business/profession/career/job/type of work that you are passionate about (love, think you might love, enjoy, think you might enjoy doing someday) and tell us where in the world that type of business is thriving or in what nation you might do that type of work (region) and how you might get involved (making money, developing relationships, or import/export, anything interesting about your job and the county you will do it at, etc.…).

3) Because we know that many businesses/multinational may not train you to become an expatriate abroad; how might you go about training yourself? Tell us about the foreign nation you will practice international business in (culture, language, style, business etiquette, acculturation, assimilation, basically how to behave and act, etc...) and give us ideas about training ourselves to go there...

4) More extra credit if you link your work to reality and give some solid takeaways or advice to your peers in business or life (some travel app, ideas, do and don't, etc...).

Finally as always "The Rules are"... (Your right) There are no rules... Be creative... lead your own work... (Make it fun, interesting, informative and of course something you will be proud of...

4) Exam for the course is below (Final Exam Word file - Enjoy Life!) do not do yet... thanks LO (.pdf file of the final exam)

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Final Paper Guidelines or you can do a longer video...

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