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International Negotiations

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Text: Negotiations – By Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders and Bruce Barry
Publisher: Thomson South-WesternMcGraw-Hill Irwin
ISBN/Copyright: 0-32431-866-9 ©2005 -

Text: Getting Past No By William Ury
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN/Copyright: 0-553-37131-2

Course Description: This course covers the development of international negotiations.
The main goal is to study the fundamentals of international negotiations and the effect of cultural differences among regions of the world in communication processes. We will review also the importance of cross-cultural communication for international the negotiation processes and for the development of multinational companies.

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Roy Lewicki, Ohio State University
David M Saunders, Queen's University
Bruce Barry, Vanderbilt University

ISBN: 0072973072
Copyright year: 2006

Negotiation is a critical skill in management, law, and public administration. As the leaders in negotiation education, Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders have a book that will fit with your teaching needs and approach.

Negotiation 5/e is our comprehensive text – a guide to major concepts and theories of negotiation, the psychology of bargaining, and the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and resolution. The fifth edition adds numerous improvements, among them shorter, more numerous chapters for added instructional flexibility, and a new user-friendly design. All chapters are updated to reflect the latest research findings in negotiation and conflict management, and supplemented with boxes and examples providing real-life perspectives on negotiation dynamics.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 01 PowerPoint - The Nature of Negotiations
Chapter 02 PowerPoint - Strategy and Tactics of Distributive Bargaining
Chapter 03 PowerPoint - Strategy and Tactics of Integrative Nogotiation
Chapter 04 PowerPoint - Negotiation Strategy and Planning
Chapter 05 PowerPoint - Perception, Cognition and Emoition
Chapter 06 PowerPoint - Communication
Chapter 07 PowerPoint - Finding and using Negotiation Power
Chapter 08 PowerPoint - Influence
Chapter 09 PowerPoint - Ethic in Negotiations
Chapter 10 PowerPoint - Relationship in Negotiations
Chapter 11 PowerPoint - Agents, Constituencies, Audiences
Chapter 12 PowerPoint - Coalititions
Chapter 13 PowerPoint - Multiple Parties and Teams
Chapter 14 PowerPoint - Individual Diffences I: Gender and Negotiation
Chapter 15 PowerPoint - Individual Differences II: Personality and Abilities
Chapter 16 PowerPoint - International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation
Chapter 17 PowerPoint - Managing Negotiation Impasses
Chapter 18 PowerPoint - Managing Negotiation Mismatches
Chapter 19 PowerPoint - Managing Difficult Negotiations Third Party Approaches
Chapter 20 PowerPoint - Best Practices in Negotiations

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Dispute Resolution Research Center at Kellog School of Management
DRRC’s goals are: 1) to be a nationally recognized center for research on dispute resolution and negotiation; 2) to be a major site for graduate education in negotiation and dispute resolution; 3) to be a major provider of continuing education programs targeted at exposing the legal and management worlds to the latest developments in the field of dispute resolution and negotiation.
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The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.
When executives and other organizational leaders need to undertake negotiations involving specific projects or problems, TNSC's staff has worked behind the scenes to develop and implement negotiation strategies in a broad range of areas.
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