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International Competitiveness

Fall 2005 Syllabus INTB 440 Microsoft Word™

Author: Helen Deresky - International Management

Author: Nancy J. Adler - International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior by:

Author: Charles W. L. Hill - Global Business

ISBN: 0-07-285556-8 ©2004

Collen Cayes - Guest Speaker


Course Outline and PowerPoint Presentations

Chapter 1: Assessing the Environment

Chapter 2: Managing Interdependence

Chapter 3: Understanding the Role of Culture

Chapter 4: Communicating Across Cultures

Chapter 5: Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Dececision Making

Chapter 6: Formulating Strategy

Chapter 7: Global Alliances and Strtegy Implementation

Chapter 8: Organizations Structure and Control System

Chapter 9: Staffing and Training for Global Operations

Chapter 10: Developing a Global Managment Cadre

Chapter 11: Motivating and Leading

Part I: Globalization

Chapter 1: Globalization
Part II: Country Differences
Chapter 2: Country Differences in Political Economy
Chapter 3: Differences in Culture
Part III: Cross-Border Trade and Investment
Chapter 4: International Trade Theory
Chapter 5: The Political Economy of International Trade
Chapter 6: Foreign Direct Investment
Chapter 7: Regional Economic Integration
Part IV: Global Money System
Chapter 8: The Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 9: The Global Monetary System
Part V: Competing in a Global Marketplace
Chapter 10: Global Strategy
Chapter 11: Entering Foreign Markets
Chapter 12: Exporting, Importing, and Counter-trade
Chapter 13: Global Marketing and R&D
Chapter 14: Global Manufacturing and Materials Management
Chapter 15: Global Human Resource Management

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