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Foundations of Strategic Management, 3e
Jeffrey S. Harrison, Cornell University
Caron H. St. John, Clemson University

ISBN: 0-324-25917-4
Foundations of Strategic Management, 3e ©2005
Jeffrey S. Harrison, Cornell University and Caron H. St. John, Clemson University

Foundations of Strategic Management provides a concise and balanced introduction to the important theories and views of the field. The authors present an up-to-date look at the most critical topics in strategy today and use examples from cutting-edge firms to help learners begin to understand and develop decision-making and analysis techniques that are relevant in all types of organizations. Its brevity allows instructors to tailor their courses by incorporating additional readings and cases of their choosing.

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Chapter 1. The Strategic Management Process
Chapter 2. The External Environment
Chapter 3. The Internal Environment and Strategic Direction
Chapter 4. Business Strategy
Chapter 5. Corporate Strategy
Chapter 6. Strategy Implementation
Chapter 7. Strategic Control and Restructuring
Chapter 8. Strategies in an International Context
Appendix: Preparing a Strategic Analysis - Appendix A: The Historical Evolution of Organizational Behavior. Appendix B: Research in Organizational Behavior.

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