Luis Ortiz, Ph.D.
Accociate Professor
Management &
International Business



New Mexico State University
College of Business
Department of Management

Business Complex,
Room 220 1320 East University Ave.
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001

(575) 646-2788

Ph.D., 2000,
University of Texas - Pan American
MBA, 1996, New Mexico Highlands University
BBA,  1995, New Mexico Highlands University
Luis Ortiz, Ph.D.
AOM - Organizational Behavior Division
- ppt pdf slides and pdf paper mocb
¡Vamos a México!
¡Vamos a Espana!
NMSU Courses Classes - Office Hours
Strategic Management - MGMT 489 Book's ISBN-13: 9781285057392 (optional)
International Managment - Book's ISBN: ISBN is 9780078112911 (required)

Small Business Consulting ISBN: 9781492110750
Human Behavior in Organizations ISBN-13: 9780134103983


Other Classes
International Entrepreneurship - Book's ISBN: 978-0-324-59091-3
International Human Resources Management - MGMT 440/540 - ISBN:9781408032091
International Business in Salamanca Spain - 0-324-58034-7
Organizational Leadership - MGMT 453/553 - ISBN-13: 9780415872171 & ISBN-13: 978-1-57766-638-7
Introduction to Business - Book's ISBN:9780470531297
Entrepreneurship - Book's ISBN: 9780324590913
Training and Development of Human Resources - Book's ISBN:978-0-07353034-5
Doing Business in the Spanish Speaking World - INTB 480/580 Professor's .pdf
International Business - Salamanca, Spain
Small Business Management - MGMT 330
International Negotitations - INTB 430/530
International Business and Society - INTB 622
International Competitiveness - INTB 440
Organizational Behavior/Theory - Book's ISBN:9780078137204 (optional) 978-157766-703-2 (optional) ISBN-13: 9780131484528 (optional book) 978-1-57766-638-7 (optional) ISBN-13: 978-1-138-08817-7 (required text)  
Community Work
Computer Class (work and job skills)
NMCBA Survining in a competitive Business World (ppt slides) (pdf of book smart)
Community Seminar - Entrepreneurial Spirit Seminar  Slide Show
Business Community Seminar - Customer Service PowerPoint
Project Heartland - Presentation Slides
Why go to college? Making the grade in the real world of business
UTSA Candidate for Employment PowerPoint or PDF format
International Hispanic Business Forum
(PowerPoint Presentations Below)
Dr. John Sargent, UTPA - Maquiladoras
Mr. Adam Trujillo, Quality and doing business with Mexico
Mr. Juan Solana, Doing Business with Mexico
Dr. Luis Ortiz, NMHU - Northern New Mexico Economic Development

Academic Research - Selective Summary
CV Résumé - Dr. Luis Ortiz
Bio - Dr. Luis Ortiz
Annual Performance Research, Teaching, and Service - Microsoft Word™

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